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Re-Roofing your property can be a major project, however, with an abundance of experience in the roofing trade, we know how to complete the job with the minimum of disruption to you. Whether you’re converting a barn, have been subjected to storm or fire damage, or your roof is simply worn out due to natural wear-and-tear, we can certainly help you out. We offer a free, no obligation quotation and also provide free site surveys to assess what needs to be done. We use the best quality materials where possible and always produce work to the highest standards.

Roofing Repairs

One of the main reasons for a leak to your roof is down to the lack of repairs that ultimately results in a weakness. With roofing, there is a natural “out of sight, out of mind” mentality as you don’t spend your days off checking your roof for signs of issues. If you don’t give your roof the care and attention it needs from time to time, it will eventually succumb to the weather conditions and will result in anything from a minor leak to a catastrophic fail. Trying to repair a roof yourself is not something you should consider - leave it to us to solve the issue for you.

Roofline & Gutters

During bad weather, generally the first issue you will find with your roof is guttering breakage or leakage. Like with all aspects of roofing, if your guttering hasn’t received regular maintenance, this is when you are more likely to face problems. Problems ranging from debris accumulation or strong winds causing the guttering to break will result in immediate attention before the problem worsens. Your roofline needs exactly the same care and attention as your guttering, although most of us will not know as much about roofline as we do guttering, but it is just as essential. Get in touch with us today so we can take a look at your issues - or if you would just like us to perform a health-check of your roofline and guttering - no problem.

Slate & Tile

Slate and tile roofing is by far and away the most popular and cost effective roof covering. Roofs that are tiled or slated generally last for many years, protecting your property in the long run. There is also very little maintenance required for these types of roofs and you can also select the shade, colour and style that you want your roof to be. On top of all this, slated and tiled roofs also offer very good protection from the elements. If you are looking for a completely new roof or are just looking for slate or tile repair, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Flat & Felt Roofing

Incredibly easy to keep clean and maintain, flat roofs can be suited to a range of applications and is a relatively low-cost roofing solution, perfect for recreational and decorative finishes. Our roofers only use the finest materials and equipment, with every product we install, from felt roofing to slating and tiling, guaranteed in its durability for years to come. We also provide a complete waterproofing and repair service, working quickly and efficiently to ensure you of a stable roof with a highly professional finish.

Fibreglass Roofing

A new and innovative solution for flat roofing is fibreglass roofing. Known as GRP, it’s waterproof, durable, flexible and comes in an array of colours and finishes, making it ideal for those looking for an easy-to-install solution that will last. The material can even have a non-slip coating applied if it’s intended to be walked upon for walkways and balconies. As such fibreglass certainly is a versatile solution for long lasting, simple to design and install roofing, saving you time, money and disruption. Simply speak to one of our staff for more details on the products we offer.

Rubber Roofing

Perfect for domestic properties, our rubber roofing systems offer an affordable, reliable and attractive way of protecting your home from the elements. Highly durable and long-lasting, our rubber roofing can be used on a variety of applications, including extensions, garages, porches, garden sheds and balconies, and offers one of the highest levels of waterproofing on the market. With our vast experience in the industry, we have developed strong relationships with many of the world’s leading manufacturers and using these links we provide homeowners from throughout the area with top of the range roofing systems from trusted quality suppliers.

Loft Conversions

When it comes to adding extra space to your house, why extend outwards at the cost of garden and outdoor space, when there is plenty of loft space just waiting to be converted into a useful, habitable area. Thankfully, with our help and advice you can create amazing loft conversions or extensions, in unison all the way with your budget and any other requirements. Specialists in all things concerning roofing, from design and build, planning applications and access to the highest quality resources, we can guarantee to make your ideas of a loft conversion a reality.

Velux Windows

If you’re looking for safe and secure windows installed in your loft conversion, then Velux windows are one of the greatest choices. In a broad range of styles, from skylights and roof windows to sun tunnels, Velux windows are both affordable and durable - ideal for letting in essential sunlight and fresh air. Our expert roofers are versed in helping our customers choose the product perfect for your property and with one quick phone call they could start preparing your installation today.

Pitched Roofing

Pitched roofing is one of the most popular methods used today and our extensive line of materials to choose from reflects the commitment of our service to providing a healthy amount of choice to our customers. Highly efficient in its insulating and weatherproofing aspects, pitched roofs can be constructed in minimal time and require no extra treatment for weather resistance, saving you time and reassuring you of long lasting, low-maintenance roofing. Our specialists are experts in roofs and with a brief phone call you could start your design for pitched roofing today.

Lead Flashing Repairs

Used as a weatherproof finish on buildings for centuries, lead has certainly stood the test of time and despite costs going up, it remains unmatched in its durability and longevity. Ideal for cutting and shaping by hand, lead can be used as the main roof covering or as flashings, box gutters, and run out valleys or to create junctions between walls and roofing, flat roofing, cladding and copings - whatever it is our craftsmen can form all varieties of lead roof work. Get in touch today for more details.

Dormer Conversions

Dormer loft conversions are perfect if you have a lower roof line, and often mean you can have a loft conversion even if you previously thought there was not enough head room. Our team works closely with clients to accurately match our services to your exact requirements. In this instance, the attic is converted by creating a rectangular room that projects further than the existing roofline, affording you more useable floor space, without the usual sloped ceiling. These conversions can be built in a wide variety of styles and sizes and although they are not always the most attractive form of conversions from the outside, they can often provide customers with the maximum amount of additional internal space.

Chimney Repairs

Whatever it is that has weakened your chimney - cracking, water leaking, usage, time or lack of maintenance, we can repair and rebuild any damage. Reconstruction, brick chimney repairs, roof line up chimney rebuilds, whatever it may be, our service includes set-up, deconstruct and removal, so you need only to call us and Our highly skilled and experienced roofers can provide an expert repairs and maintenance service to ensure that your chimney is safe and secure for many years to come. So to make safe your chimney stack or touch up on any deteriorated repointing, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.


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